Katrina & the Science Fiction Social Infrastructure: We Pay Back
Our Own Chernobyl


Can Google Maps please, pretty please, integrate the NOAA photos into its interface? They are in the public domain, so copyrights should not be an issue. I seem to be getting only hard cases (i. e. people who followed my instructions and didn't get what they needed,) this evening. And, as I keep pointing out, Google Earth for Macs still isn't out.

I am hoping to find out about  3501 Apollo Drive in Metairie.  It appears to be pretty dry.  The couple living there are both disabled, one with a walker and the other in a wheelchair.

This is out of the flooded zone, and I'm also not seeing destroyed houses on NOAA maps for that general area I've been able to study. But the area's not covered by Digital Globe. And the NOAA interface for photos bites: the images are not oriented, and you have to remember what image you've just looked at on their difficult-to-parse interface in order to know what next one to move on to. Arg.