if a journalist writes an article about genocide in Sudan and mentions neither the word "oil" nor the word "China," he's either naive or being deliberately obtuse.
On Living in Someone Else's Utopia

Zoo Evening

We went to the Bronx Zoo last night for a special members evening.  My plan was that it would conveniently cool down after the day's record heat. It did cool down, but from about 97 to about 92, so it was still pretty hot. Here is Elizabeth in her first encounter with the new Bug Carousel. The  carousel itself is gorgeous, but the sound system needs some rethinking. Also the antennae on the bugs seem to be fragile. Several  bugs seemed to have broken a broken antenna even though the carousel has been open only about two months. 

We also went to the new butterfly house which was nice but seemed a bit short on actual butterflies, probably because of the heat.