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Real Names

Those who've spent much time here probably know that I am a strong advocate of people using their real names online. So I was pleased to note, while doing research for anthology story notes this afternoon, that Amazon now has a way of indicating that a reader reviewer is posting under his or her own name. (They verify that the name you're using is the one on your credit card, or some such.) The label itself is pretty funny: (REAL NAME)  I am really surprised that they were able to trademark that phrase. I wonder how they'll enforce their trademark.

Meanwhile, while Amazon is busy trademarking this novel concept, others doubt the existence of real names. Willfully obtuse was the label that came to mind when I encountered this passage from the conclusion of a Meatball Wiki entry on Real Names:

From all this it may seem very hard to claim there is such a thing as a RealName . . .

Or should that be Willfully Obtuse™?