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Sunshine & Fairy Tale Blue

It is at this time of year I realize just how much I hate the Northeast winters. I grew up in Seattle, hardly a tropical climate, but also lacking the confining harshness of this climate. Over the past two weeks we've had at least one member of the household sick, sometimes as many as three. David, Peter, & I have all been through courses of antibiotics; Peter, Elizabeth, & I have all been through courses of medicinal eye drops; they're finished now. I've got two sets of eyes drops I need to keep taking 4 times a day, at least through tomorrow. (I suspect longer, given how my eyes feel looking at the computer screen this morning. The constant feeling that I'm developing eye strain caused by lingering conjunctivitis probably accounts from my recent lack of blogging.)

Peter missed the entire week of school before his February vacation; Elizabeth was out three days that week. Then they were home for a week because of the school vacation (a vacation scheduled mostly for the school's convenience as in mid-Feburary the number of child sick days and snow days skyrockets). Yesterday, Peter had early dismissal from school becuase of the incoming storm. Today school is closed: it's a snow day. No one has been eaten yet.

I have responded to this by painting various surfaces in colors that remind me of better weather and climates. David was astounded to return from Shevacon in Roanoke, Virginia, to discover that his office had been repainted a color of yellow that Benjamin Moore calls "Sunshine"; Elizabeth is thrilled by the color since it matches Lala, the yellow Teletubby. David is not so thrilled. Also, all the door in the hallway are now Fairy Tale Blue.