That Pesky Double X
Anthony Sterling Rodgers 7-10-04 to 1-11-05

Too Drunk to Spend?

Having a problem spending enough money because you spend too much time in an altered state, unable to remember your own name, let alone locate a credit card? Don't despair! A solution is at hand. (I hope you're of a generous nature, because others may be able to piggyback on your largess.) Spyblog reports:

Both the The Observer and the The Telegraph report that a night club in Glasgow is following similar night clubs in Barcelona and Rotterdam by offering to implant VeriChip RFID chips under their loyal customers' skin.

This has many advantages for the bar or night club, by allowing them to extract money from customers who have decided that even credit cards are too bulky or inconvenient to carry, or who cannot even remember their own names whilst high on drugs or drink.

They are treating their loyal customers like animals such as cattle or pet cats or dogs, where identical technology is used.

The same hype tactics of promoting the VeriChips as a status symbol "allowing" a customer easier access to the "VIP" lounge/party/promoted event are evident in Glasgow as in the other European trials of the technology. Almost all of these VeriChip "trials" involve free or subsidised equipment and/or implants, and are publicity stunts aimed at supporting the share price of the chip manufacturer.

Alex at the Yorkshire Ranter remarks:

The sheer stupidity of this can be simply demonstrated by this analogy: imagine carrying a credit card that anyone within 20 yards of you could swipe - without you even knowing it. Would you be willing to do that? How would your answer change if you were told that the equipment required is freely available and the technical details are part of a publicly available standard?

Get 'em while they're hot! Be the first on your block to be able to slap it to the plastic while braindead!