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The Mommy Brain

I was skimming a copy of Publishers Weekly in the car this morning and encountered a listing for a book I must have: The Mommy Brain: How Motherhood Makes Us Smarter by Katherine Ellison which I have just preordered from Amazon.

Journalist Katherine Ellison draws on cutting-edge neuroscience research to demonstrate that, contrary to long-established wisdom that having children dumbs you down, raising children may make moms smarter. From enhanced senses in pregnancy and early motherhood to the alertness and memory skills necessary to manage like a pro, to a greater aptitude for risk-taking and a talent for empathy and negotiation, these advantages not only help mothers in raising their children, but in their work and social lives as well.

Filled with lively (and often hilarious) stories of multitasking moms at home and on the job, The Mommy Brain encourages all of us to cast aside conventional thinking and discover the positive ways in which having children changes mothers' brains for the better.

I have long been a proponent of the central thesis of this book. It took me several years to get a panel on entitled "Does Your Baby Make You Smarter?" on the program of a science fiction convention. (When the panel was finally held, at Readercon, it was really good.)

Why not preorder a copy for yourself?

Here's an article by someone who must have a review copy or a bound galley. (Earlier this month, I paid a visit to the family neurologist and had a chat covering much the same ground covered in this article. Do I just have too much to keep track of or is there something going wrong with my brain? The neurologist and I agreed that finding an assistant was probably the best treatment.)