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Farah Mendlesohn Surveys

Farah Mendlesohn writes via email:

This may be of interest to you. I've started a blog on children's sf, to go along with my latest research project (kid's sf, 1950-2000). I've also begun collecting responses to a reader questionnaiire. I'd be really grateful if you would fill it in (and recommend it as widely as possible). The questionnaire will help generate my reseach questions so I need it to go as widely as possible.

Questionnaire: http://sfquestions.blogspot.com
Blog: The Inter-Galactic Playground: http://farah-sf.blogspot.com/

Although I enjoyed the survey, I found the questions really hard because when I was a kid I didn't track books by auhtor or title, but rather by the cover art. Translating that into the adult bibliographic frame of reference proved harder than I expected.