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Email Problems

I had noticed that my email was very light this morning. Patrick Nielsen Hayden reports an email problem with Panix:

Panix, our longtime ISP for email, appears to be undergoing some kind of problem with its domain name—possibly a hijacking of the name, possibly just a massive screwup in the domain-name registration system.

I also use Panix for my primary email address. For the moment, I can be reached at Kathryn dot Cramer at Gmail dot com.

David Hartwell, my husband also receives his email through Panix. And his email goes through that conduit. In addition, there is electrical work being done at the Flatiron Building over the weekend, so the servers there have been turned off. The upshot: if you need to reach David this weekend, email him via my Gmail account at the above address.

UPDATE: Panix says:

Panix victim of domain name hijacking

Panix's main domain name,, has been hijacked by parties unknown. Panix staff are currently working around the clock to recover our domain.

For most customers, accesses to Panix using the domain will not work or will end up at a false site.

As a temporary workaround, you can use the domain in place of In other words, if you're trying to log onto "" or see your mail at "," use "" or "" instead.

Mail to is currently being redirected to the false site , and should be considered lost or compromised if it does not arrive in your Panix mailbox. If you have online accounts that authenticate via email address, you might wish to protect them against fraud by changing that address to your username "".

When contacting hosts that use SSL security (URLs that begin with "https" rather than "http", or SSL-wrapped services such as secure SMTP, secure IMAP, or secure POP), you will see a hostname error. The server will present a certificate that says it is "", and your browser or mail program will notice that it reached our server as "". This is an expected consequence of using the "" workaround.

If you have urgent concerns that are not addressed by this message, you can contact us by calling +1 (212) 741-4400, and pressing 0. (You may need to leave a message for us, but we're checking frequently.) For less-than urgent concerns, please write to us at

I think this means that if you have sent email to David or I in the past 24 hours, unless you have gotten a reponse, you should assume it has been misdirected to the domain name pirates and will need to send it again to my gmail account or by modifying our regular email addresses to end in ""