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Roadside Sofa

We have joined the ranks of those horrible Westchester people who put perfectly usable sofas by the street. First come first serve: 100" wide white cloth Ikea sofa David bought at a yard sale 15 years ago for $5. Pleasant to have around. Descent to sleep on. The only reason we're throwing it out is that we've moved the sofa David 's mother gave us into the living room and the old one is too long to stand on end in the garage. If you are interested, email me ( and I'll check if it's still there. Also out by the street there is an old Singer sewing machine with table. It works except that you need to use your finger as the tension. (A few years ago, I bought myself a fancy new Bernina.)

UPDATE: 12/18/04, 7:30 AM Sewing machine gone. I just saw it being loaded into a green minivan. Also out there is a cedar chest in poor condition David got from someone else's junk pile and we never found a use for, and a gas grill in poor condition that should be let to go to the dump. It is actively dangerous. And there is a removable rear seat from a Dodge Caravan, a car that was Geoff's and that nolonger exists.

FURTHER UPDATE: We have a taker for the sofa.