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Making Headway in the Culture Wars

I have been trying really hard to tear myself away from engagement with the ugent here and now to work on fiction writing, because a lot of the things I really want to talk about and write about might better be worked out in fiction. In blogging, you are tied down to what you know personally actually happened or what was reported by the media. But fiction allows you to speculate. And there are some hypotheses I have about military privatization that fiction would give me the room to play with.

This morning, I woke up to this news story:

Leonardo DiCaprio will produce and star in an untitled action thriller focusing on the growing global phenomenon of mercenaries used by governments and companies to wage war, reports Variety. Scott Burns has been set to write the script.

Having grown increasingly involved on the political front, DiCaprio sparked to the idea of mixing a thriller element with the cautionary theme of outsourcing war. The trade says the concept was hatched by Peter Landesman, a foreign correspondent and senior reporter of the New York Times Magazine, and Appian Way president Brad Simpson.

I am so pleased they are doing this. This is great.