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Key-Word Based Ad Gone Wrong

I'm not sure whether you'll get the same the same ads I do when I read thew CNN article Woman wins matchmaking lawsuit. According to the "what's this" link above the ads, this is how they are selected:

Advertiser links are provided by Overture Services, Inc. through its Content Match product. Content Match pairs its listings with related content on article pages and section fronts. The listings are determined by the relevancy of keywords, which advertisers bid on, to the content of the specific page.

So here's a bit of the news story:

A federal jury awarded as much as $434,000 to a Ukrainian woman who sued the Internet matchmaking service that set her up with the man who allegedly abused her after they wed.

Nataliya Fox accused Encounters International of fraud and negligence, saying it should have screened its male clients and told her about a law that helps foreign nationals escape abusive relationships without fear of automatic deportation.

Instead, Fox testified, agency owner Natasha Spivack told her to endure the alleged abuse or return to Ukraine.

. . . and here's the first ad:

Great Expectations Dating Service
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The rest of the ads are also for Internet computer dating services. For more marriages like this, click here.