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Field Guide to North American Thylacines

thylacineAs far as I know, only two museums in North American (and probably the Western Hemisphere) have thylacines: the Smithsonian in Washington, DC, and the American Museum of Natural History in New York. As previously discussed, the Smithsonian thylacine is displayed behind a curtain. Today we hunted thylacines at the American Museum of Natural History. We looked. We asked. We were directed to the section on extinction and endangered species in the Biodiversity Hall. But no thylacines were in evidence. Finally, I spotted someone with a staff badge that read MAMMOLOGY and asked her about the alleged thylacine at the AMNH. She told me that the museum had two thylacines, but that she thought neither was on display. Thus concludes our summary article on thylacines in North America: your best it the view of a thylacine's butt available at the Smithsonian.

Along the way at the AMNH, we did find a dodo skeleton . . .

. . . and a flock of passenger pigeons . . .

. . . but no thylacine.

This extinction gig really sucks, doesn't it?

Portrait of Peter & calligraphy, Jae Leslie Adams, Letter Arts, Madison, Wisconsin.