Turning Off Comments Wednesday Afternoon through Monday Morning
Body Aches, Chills

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Your-site.com won't be firing up the new server until next week. (Apparently their weekend backup wasn't done on time so they have to do it again next weekend.) I'm disappointed, but I'm turing comments back on.

Poking around on Urchin, their sitemeter thingie that is about to be replaced by something else, I discovered a couple of interesting things. First of all, the comment script from my old, discontinued MT install received nearly 15,000 hits this month. I guess that's 15,000 pieces of spam I didn't have to delete!

Secondly, this picture of Elizabeth has become really popular with political chat groups, especially those on the right. I guess they go to Google images looking up "tinfoil hat"; she's the cutest of the bunch.