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Barclay on Making Your Own Blocks

I realy am the target audience for the add for Barclay Blocks served up by Blogads. My son Peter is deeply interested in building with blocks. So I was looking around their site. Their page on how to make your own wooden blocks is surprisingly good. It contains such lines as If you value your fingers, forget the idea of using all that lovely scrap you've been saving. and Needless to say, you shouldn't buy treated lumber unless the kids have become a bother. Before I had two children, I used to take on this sort of thing sometimes. (One of these days I should write up instructions for some of the wonderful projects I did for Peter.) There are sets of blocks in the classrooms at my son's school and part of the little boy culture there seems to be using blocks to build buildings with endless traps for "borrowers," a tradiation Peter brought home with him. The kids got a big set of blocks for Christmas last year and Peter spent six months endlessly refining the traps on one continually evolving structure. (I still don't know how he convinced Elizabeth to leave it standing.) Perhaps the kids will get one of Barclay's booster sets for Christmas.