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Afshar's Paper Now Available on the Web

A preprint of Shariar S. Afshar's paper, Sharp complementary wave and particle behaviours in the same welcher weg experiment, is now available on IRIMS archives:

Bohr’s principle of complementarity predicts that in a welcher Weg (“which-way”) experiment, obtaining fully visible interference pattern should lead to the destruction of the path knowledge. Here we report a failure for this prediction in an optical interferometry experiment. Coherent laser light is passed through a dual pinhole and allowed to go through a converging lens, which forms wellresolved images of the respective pinholes, providing complete path knowledge. A series of thin wires are then placed at previously measured positions corresponding to the dark fringes of the interference pattern upstream of the lens. No reduction in the resolution and total radiant flux of either image is found in direct disagreement with the predictions of the principle of complementarity.

The PDF is here.

Also, Afshar is now entertaining questions about his paper on the Official Afshar Experiment Blog.