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The Fantasy & Reality of a Wireless Household

I spent the past two days trying to get an actual network going in the house. It seemed wise not to blog it blow by blow, since that would have involved a lot of cursing. When I came to bed sime time after midnight night before last, I said to David something like "Wireless networks don't actually exist. It's all done with wires."

Also, there were little side trips, like learning not to install OS X 10.2.8 on the kids' iMac because it causes the machine to freeze frequently.

Give the vintage of our Macs, and that we are not going to run out and replace all five of our computers, the good solution seems to be wires. The question is no longer how am I going to get the wireless connection to Peter's room to be less flaky, but rather how am I going to string a 100 ft. ethernet cable so it isn't a trip wire.