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Wolfowitz's Utopia: a network of friendly militias

Here's an important bit I missed back when we had relatives visiting: The Pentagon wants $500 million in order to train "a network of friendly militias" to govern the ungovernable places. This bizarre bit of military privatization may be the single worst piece of policy to come out of GWB's presidency. I mean, if you were setting out to replicate the "successful" terrorist Osama bin Laden, I certainly could not come up with a more effective way.  This is exactly the means by which the US created Osama bin Laden, and now Wolfowitz wants to expand the program.

Certainly this is a recipe for Reagan-style proxy wars in which hundreds of thousands of people who live in inconspicuous places die. But worse than that, it is a design for an ongoing source of deadly terrorist enemies.

Wolfowitz shouldn't just be fired. He should be arrested.

Kathryn Cramer at August 26, 2004 06:45 PM | Link Cosmos | Purple Numbers  | Edit


That is insane!
Why isn't this in the news as:
Remember the program that created Osama bin Laden and other terrorists? Wolfowitz is increasing the budget, because it was so successful.

Posted by: deena at August 27, 2004 08:01 PM