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Bushworld: Atrazine & Private Jails

Elizabeth had trouble sleeping and so was awake until after midnight -- I think she's teething. So I'm short of time this morning. But here are a couple of items I want to blog even though I have no time this morning:

• Bush's EPA thinks it's not a problem if the pesticide atrazine disrupts your hormones. From the Washington Post:

Herbicide approvals are complicated, and there is no  one reason that atrazine passed regulatory muster in this country. But close observers give significant credit to a single sentence that was added to the EPA's final scientific assessment last year. 

Hormone disruption, it read, cannot be considered a "legitimate regulatory endpoint at this time" -- that is, it is not an acceptable reason to restrict a chemical's use -- because the government had not settled on an officially accepted test for measuring such disruption. 


• the freelance jailers are standing trial in Kabul: BBC: Americans appear in Kabul trial:

The BBC's Andrew North, who is in the courtroom, says Mr Idema sometimes flung up his arms in apparent frustration, saying he had no access to the evidence he needs to defend himself.

Mr Idema claims this includes videos, photos and documents which he says were removed by US FBI officers after his arrest.

He said FBI agents had been present at one interrogation he had carried out of a man he described as a "terrorist".

In juxtaposition, these two unrelated news stories seem like elements from a satirical novel. If I had time, I could collect more. (Well, actually, if you skim down the main page of this blog, you will find more.)  But I have to stop now.

Oh, I almost forgot this gem from the New York Times. Okay, so here we are busily encouraging private military enterprise, and contracting with the likes of Victor Bout and Tim Spicer, but whom does the FBI chose to investigate as potential terrorists? You might think it would be the guys with the weapons. Guess again: it's peace activists.