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Steamy Thursday Morning

This morning, we received Bantam's Advance Reading Copy of M. John Harrison's Light in the mail, so I guess it's finally going to appear in the US. The package is very black and white, and its most prominent feature is a serene white cat. Looking at the cover, you would think that Harrison was a cat fantasist or something. Only the sans serif type (is the font Avant Garde extra light? If not, it's one very similar) tips you off that it might be SF.

After weeks of not being able to get to yoga, I had really satisfying yoga class this morning. This morning's steamy heat was an advantage in a yoga class. And since I was the only student who showed up, I got an individual class. Meditating at the end of the class I visualized a nest of snakes and lizards in my right hip, which has been sore for months. Six weeks of extremely boring physical therapy this spring didn't do nearly enough to clear up the hip problem. What the image suggests to me is that I am clenching there, hence the soreness. This seems plausible. Meanwhile to my surprise my left ankle, accidently chainwhipped by a happy running dog two days ago, didn't cause me any problems during the class.

I met up with David at the Chappaqua Library Book Sale. He was dismayed to discover, when he arrived, that all the paperback sf had been indiscriminately interfiled with the children's paperbacks. Swinging by the post office where we picked up our copy of Light, I dropped David off at the train.

On the drive home, I passed by a comical sight. A really big truck had taken a wrong turn up a steep hill next to the newly-built elementary school. The front wheels and the back end of the truck were resting on the ground, but the back wheels were airborne. I can't imagine why the truck turned there, except maybe the driver had taken a wrong turn and was trying to get back to Bedford Road. I imagine that watching the removal of the truck from the side street will provide significant entertainment for the elementary school children of Pleasantville today. It was not obvious to me how anyone was going to get the truck out of there. If you live near there, you might want to take this opportunity to point and laugh.