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Tim Spicer in Iraq

I See a Pattern Emerging

I look at the blog calendar (on the left) of the month of June, and I see an emerging pattern. About the time Peter got out of school for the summer, my blogging became much more sporadic. This should not come as a surprise to me. But each summer finds its own pattern and this summer's pattern is that it seems to be necessary to take David to the train when I leave to take Peter to camp, thus making breakfast a half hour earlier, lopping a chunk off my morning thinking time. Also, Peter's marvellous nature camp is not close. It takes me about 22 minutes to drive each direction, and with the time it takes to deliver him to and retrieve him from his camp group, that's two hours out of my day right there. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is home with me full time.

Also, further eroding my blogging time, but probably all for the good: I am hard at work on a creative project during some of what was my blogging time. So often, I write stuff and then don't show it to you! (I actually feel a little misplaced guilt about that, as though I really owe it to the audience of this blog to share.)

So for a while I'm going to be a bit less on the ball about matters that normally interest me.