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Another Mercenary or Two Killed in Iraq

The BBC:

Two Britons were killed in Iraq on Monday in a rocket attack outside coalition headquarters in Baghdad.

A Foreign Office spokeswoman confirmed that two British civilians had died and one had been injured.

Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said the deaths were shocking and showed the risks civilians had to take in Iraq.

The Foreign Office later confirmed that one of the Britons who died was working for international business risk consultancy Control Risks Group.

What is Control Risks Group, you might ask. Is it an insurance company or something?

This April article by Paul McGeough describes the company's Iraq presence as a "1100-strong private army of former British SAS, Nepalese and Fijian soldiers also guards 500 British civil servants." Civilians indeed.

So, is the dead CRG man an SAS retread? Soldiers in a war zone are not civilians not matter who signs their paycheck.

The Telegraph now reports that only one of the two dead men worked for CRG, and that the other was an advisor to the CPA "paid by the foreign office."