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My First Breastfeeding Complaint

After a combined total of three years of breastfeeding, I've had my first complaint. I've nursed in so many public situations it makes me tired to even think about listing them. I am rarely uncomfortable about it, but there are times when it is a bit dicey: when doing public speaking or at the beach in a bathing suit. But it was not one of those situations that generated the complaint.

I nurse my daughter every day when I pick her up from her morning daycare program. I walk in the door if the infant room and she says "Nurse, nurse!" and I sit down in the infant room and we nurse. The other day, the father of one of the other babies came to pick up his son and witnessed this interchange. I'm told that the complained to the head of the preschool, who asked the woman who runs the infant room to mention it to me.

I shake my head.