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Year's Best Tables of Contents

Here are the tables of contents for both our Year's Best volumes.
Year's Best SF 9, ed. David G. Hartwell & Kathryn Cramer

Octavia Butler "Amnesty" (Sci Fiction 1/22/03; novelette)
Geoff Ryman "Birth Days" (Interzone 4/03; short story)
Tony Ballantyne "The Waters of Meribah" (Interzone, May-June 03; 9 pp.)
Nancy Kress "EJ-ES" (Stars; short story)
Joe Haldeman "Four Short Novels" (F&SF 10-11/03); short story)
Charles Stross "Rogue Farm" (Live Without a Net; short story)
Anglica Gorodischer "The Violet's Embryos" (Cosmos Latinos; not eligible for the Hugo; originally published in Spanish in 1973)
Michael Swanwick "Coyote at the End of History" (AsimovÅfs Oct/Nov 03)
John Varley "In Fading Suns and Dying Moons" (Stars; short story)
Gene Wolfe "Castaway" (Sci Fiction 2/5/03; short story)
Gregory Benford "The Hydrogen Wall" (AsimovÅfs 10-11/03; novelette)
Ricard de la Casa & Pedro Jorge Romero "The Day We Went Through the Transition" (Cosmos Latinos; not eligible for the Hugo; originally published in Spanish in 1998)
Cory Doctorow "Nimby and the Dimension Hoppers" (AsimovÅfs 6/03; short story)
Robert Reed "Night of Time" (The Silver Gryphon; short story)
Kage Baker "A Night on the Barbary Coast" (The Silver Gryphon; short story)
Nigel Brown "Annuity Clinic" (Interzone April 03; 6 pp.)
Allen M. Steele "The Madwoman of Shuttlefield" (AsimovÅfs May 03; 22 pp.)
M. Rickert "Bread and Bombs " (F&SF 4/03; short story)
Stephen Baxter "The Great Game" (AsimovÅfs March 03; 14 pp.)
Rick Moody "The Albertine Notes" (McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales, novella)

Years Best Fantasy 4, ed. David G. Hartwell & Kathryn Cramer

Michael Swanwick "King Dragon" (The Dragon Quintet, novelette)
Gahan Wilson "The Big Green Grin" (Gathering the Bones, short story)
Octavia Butler "The Book of Martha" (SCIFI.com)
Charles Coleman Finley "Wild Thing" (F&SF 7/03; short story)
Neil Gaiman "Closing Time" (McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales; short story)
Kelly Link "Catskin" (McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales, novelette)
Pat Murphy "Dragon's Gate" (F&SF 8/03; novelette)
Terry Dowling "One Thing About the Night" (The Dark; short story)
M. Rickert "Peace on Suburbia" (F&SF, Dec 03)
Tanith Lee "Moonblind" (Realms of Fantasy April 03)
Theodora Goss "Professor Berkowitz Stands on the Threshold" (Polyphony 2, short story )
Brendan Duffy "Louder Echo" (Agog! Terrific Tales)
Rosaleen Love "Raptures of the Deep" (Gathering the Bones; short story)
Tim Pratt "A Fable from a Cage" (Realms of Fantasy 2/03, novelette)
Arthur Porges "Four" (F&SF Feb 03; short story)
Lucius Shepard "Senor Volto" (SCIFI.com, 2/03; novelette?)
Mary Soon Lee "Shen's Daughter" (Sword & Sorceress XX)
Ellen Klages "Basement Magic" (F&SF 5/03, novelette)
Robert Sheckley "The Tales of Zanthias" (Weird Tales July-August 03)
Gene Wolfe "Of Soil & Climate" (Realms of Fantasy, Dec 03)
Terry Bisson "Almost Home"(F&SF 10-11/03)

(Hugo nominations must be received by the Noreascon 4 committee by March 25th, 2004, so this might be a good moment to consider your short fiction ballot. I have provided award categories where I had them, checking our list against the LOCUS Recommended Reading List.)