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Reader's Indigestion or There Goes the Neighborhood

I thought I'd share this item from our school district newsletter. Apparently, Reader's Digest wants a $3.5 million refund from our school district:

Reader's Digest, the largest taxpayer in the school district, has filed a tax certiorari petition to reduce the assessed value of its property and to seek a refund of taxes paid in 2001, 2002, and 2003. Based on the school tax rates for each year, the reduction would result in refunds owed by the School District to Reader's Digest totalling $3.5 million. The District is working with the Town of New Castle on these proceedings.

What could have happened in RD's neck of the woods around that time? Well, the Clintons bought the house on Old House Lane, a couple of blocks away, and moved in. There goes the neighborhood? (My impression is that Chappaqua real estate values have been steadily climbing.)