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More on ICFA

The weather here at the ICFA yesterday was not great: a high wind advisory followed by rain. (It was nicer in the evening.) I'm sure that this lead to better attendance at the paper sessions.

One might expect that since I'm one of the editors of the New York Review of Science Fiction, I might be attending papers. But no. Since I have no childcare to speak of and David is tremendously busy, I hang out by te pool with the kids, take them places (Monkey Jungle, Butterfly World, the beach, etc.). After six years of this, I'm used to it. Also, it's not as if I'm starved for academic papers about sf, fantasy , & the fantastic in my daily life.

Other bloggers sighted yesterday: Cheryl Morgan, Kevin Maroney, and Arthur Hlavaty (and Graham Sleight, mentioned yesterday).

I think I know who Cheryl was talking to after I went to bed. This sounds like David.

(I noticed a few minutes after finishing this post that I had posted while a panel entitled "The Year in Speculative Fiction" was beginning. Needless to say, I didn't go.)