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Military Privatization and the Mystery of N4610

Mother Spa Week

I'm not dead. Just busy. David's in Seattle (staying with my parents). He's been attending a library conference and will top it off with Potlatch.

A lot was being demanded of me recently. And so I decided, once David was on the plane, that this was Mother Spa Week. So in addition to holding down the fort by myself and finishing anthology permissions, I've been busy doing things like getting a massage, taking yoga classes, covering myself in Dead Sea mud , and soaking in baths spiked with elaborate concoctions.

Also, I've been drinking gallons of mineral water. There is a good web site,, about mineral water where you can check out what's actually in the stuff. I bought a case each of Gerolsteiner Sprudel (sparkling) and ÝFiji (still).

Tomorrow is my blogaversary and I am determined to put up a good solid post to commemorate the occasion. But meanwhile I've been busy smearing on honey. See you tomorrow!