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The Bush Tax

The Dean campaign has come up with a clever way to show people how the Bush administration has redistributed wealth:

George W. Bush talks a lot about "tax cuts," but he doesn't mention how much his fiscal irresponsibility costs. Call it the Bush TaxÅ\what we are all forced to pay because the president gave away your money in tax breaks mostly for people making over $300,000 per year. The Bush Tax shifts tax costs to states and communities, which then raise your taxes to make up the difference.

Because of the Bush Tax, the typical American family will owe $52,000 more on the national debt. Because the President refuses to fund his own education plan, property taxes have skyrocketed more than 27% in Dallas, 25% in Houston and 18% in New York City.

We've started a new website,, where you can find out how much the Bush Tax is costing you.

The Bush Tax costs the vast majority of families far more than they received in their so-called tax refunds. George W. Bush did not give you a refund. He spent all the money you sent to Washington, and then took out a loan in your name to cut you a check.

Demonstrating externalized costs is hard to do, and I think they've done a nice job.