Obviously, a public health policy that asks expectant mothers to give up certain foods while allowing industries to continue contaminating them is absurd.
Breastfeeding in the News; Breastfeeding celebrities, volunteer your services for public service announcements.

Second Snow

This is supposed to be a NYRSF workweekend, but none of our staff managed to make it here yesterday to work on the magazine and I doubt they'll be making it today. I heard something about a blizzard warning last night, but we don't seem to have one this morning, though we're in for a whole lot of snow in the next 18 hours.

Snow flakes, Pleasantville, New York, December 6, 6:44 AM. Taking this picture involved standing barefoot in the snow for a moment. (I stood on the heat vent to get warm afterwards.) The picture came out a lot differently than I'd expected.

I thought there was enough light for a snowscape shot and had turned on the outside floodlights to make sure. The camera didn't think so and instead flashed, picking up the falling snow rather than the fallen snow. I couldn't have done this on purpose if I'd tried.

And this was taken at 7:04 AM: