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More than Our Share of Ice

Following yesterday's snow, there was sleet and freezing rain. We are at one of the higher points in the area, and this tiny difference in altitude seems to have made a big difference in our ice accumulation. We seem to have gotten an extra half inch to inch of ice on our driveway out of that difference. Also, since we are on the north side of a hill, the sun is doing less than it might to solve this. What appears to be happening is that the sun melts the snow a little and the runoff runs down onto the driveway and refreezes -- it's 34 degrees, but there's a 25 mph wind with much higher gusts, cooling things back down below freezing. With great effort, I could probably make getting in and out substantially safer by hacking away at the ice and administering really large quantities of salt. But I have a bad cold and am at home alone with a lively toddler. Unless she decides to take a long nap, progress is unlikely. Sometimes life is just not fair!