Let's All Thank the Kurds

Looney Industry Front Groups

I enjoy a looney industry front web site from time to time. I've just been browsing consumerfreedom.com, a food industry front site. I love their declaration on who funds them:

The Center for Consumer Freedom is supported by restaurants, food companies and more than 1,000 concerned individuals. From farm to fork, our friends and supporters include businesses, employees and consumers.

The Center is a 501(c)(3) corporation. We will file regular statements with the Internal Revenue Service, which will be open to public inspection. Our first such filing is expected to be complete sometime in 2003.

Many of the companies and individuals who support the Center financially have indicated that they want anonymity as a contributor. They are reasonably apprehensive about privacy and safety, in light of the violence some activist groups have adopted as a "game plan" to impose their views.

Why bother to mention it at all if you're going to refuse to name major donors? Amazing.

Given this guy's hysterical tone and affection for cheese burgers and such, I expect he'll be having a coronary and minute now.