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Let's All Thank the Kurds

In many parts of the world, though not in North America, it is being reported that Saddam Hussein was captured by the Kurds, not the US, and was left drugged for US forces to find. Here are a few samples:

ABC News Australia: Saddam held by Kurds, drugged and left for US troops: report

The Sydney Morning Herald: We got him: Kurds say they caught Saddam

These are triggered by a new report in a Scottish tabloid, the Sunday Express.

This new version seems to me much more plausible than the initial Pentagon made-for-TV version. (See my previous remarks, The Stagecraft of a Capture.)

One further thought: If the Kurds captured Saddam, what is the provenance of the intelligence information gleaned from the contents of the briefcase found with him? Is it also a gift from the Kurds?