The Stagecraft of a Capture
Medical Correctness & Humpty Dumpty

Deer in the Snow

I missed a great picture this morning: nine deer in our yard in the snow at dawn. Our digital camera didn't have it's batteries in -- they were in the charger -- and when I looked up from reloading the batteries, the deer were gone.

TreeHere's a nice picture I took night before last when we put up the Christmas tree. I wanted a real tree this year, but decided that the plastic one in the basement was probably more childsafe. This decision makes me feel very wise now. The tree's been overturned twice so far. Elizabeth finds it irresistible. As the ornaments have been repeatedly removed and replaced, they have gradually migrated toward the top of the tree, so it's less evenly decorated now.

During this cold, I've tried using breastmilk as eardrops when my ears hurt. It works surprisingly well. To the best of my knowledge, I don't have an ear infection, just congested eustation tubes. But it's quite soothing and the effect is faster than I would have expected. I have a very stuffy nose and almost no voice this morning, so imagine this post rasped hoarsely punctuated by an occasional dry cough.

Somewhat to my consternation a post from October 30th is attracting a constituency of those who believe the world is spying on them. They are busily exchanging tales of persecution. Their feelings are real, whatever the veracity of their persecution. I'll have to be more careful about what topics I raise in the future.

Similarly, I have mixed feelings about being Google's #2 listing for male lactation. Somehow I doubt the flush of traffic of those coming here to find out about this topic consists of men wanting to know how they might participate in the feeding of infants. Nonetheless, guys, here's a non-fetishist reason to lactate even if it's purely recreational: lactation reduces your body load of toxins. Lactate for detoxification. Your only cost is the breast pump, making it a lot cheaper in the long run than detoxifying products found in health food stores. (Sorry to tell you, but adults lack the tongue reflexes to efficiently get the milk out.)

Anyway, time to get Peter off to school.