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Industrial Beef

Another Amusing Industry Front Group

Center for Global Food Issues

Their official slogan is Growing More Per Acre Leaves More Room for Nature. While this slogan makes some sense in other parts of the world, in the US, a truer statement about the situation of farmland would be, Growing More Per Acre Leaves More Room for Suburban Tract Housing.

And check out their book: Saving the Planet with Pestcides and Plastic. (I'm not making this up! Somethings are impossible to satirize.)

And here are their organizational goals:

The Center for Global Food Issues staff conducts research and analysis of agriculture and the environmental concerns surrounding food and fiber production. The Center uses its worldwide overview of food and farming to assess policies, improve farmers' understanding of the new globalized farm economy, and heighten awareness of the environmental impacts of various farming systems and food policies. The key to the Center's success has been its global perspective, the only relevant viewpoint for the 21st century.

The Center for Global Food Issues is a project of the Hudson Institute and is based in Churchville, Virginia. The Center's main goals are to:
  • promote free trade in agricultural products for both economic efficiency and environmental conservation;
  • combat efforts to limit technological innovation in agriculture, the foundation or continued agricultural sustainability;
  • heighten awareness of the connection between agricultural productivity and environmental conservation.

They don't say who funds them.