My Drug Experience
A Very Blustery Day

Windycon Pictures

We have a new digital camera, and my parents brought their digital camera, too. So we have an abundance of pictures from Windycon:

A koi in the lobby koi pond, a big hit with the kids.

Gene Wolfe & John Cramer

Peter practices yoga in the hotel room.

Elizabeth with her grandmother, Pauline Cramer.

Beverly Friend & Elizabeth Anne Hull

Vincent DiFate with Jim Wilson at the party for DiFate.

Alex Eisenstein and Robert Weinberg with their contributions to the fabulous exhibit of Ed Cartier illustrations.

Marianne Mohanraj, Jim Frenkel, & Gene Wolfe

Patricia Bowne

Roger Vernon

Gregory Benford & David Hartwell

David wears the silly hat Peter bought in the dealer's room. It suits him.