A Very Blustery Day
The White Flag

Two Idiots and a Handgun

About the time I was meeting Peter at the school bus yesteray afternoon, there was an armed robbery going on nearby on the other side of the block. Two men apparently rang a doorbell and pulled a gun on the person who answered the door. I probably don't know the person in question, but I do know a few of people who live a couple of houses away.

This is a very low-crime neighborhood. So this turn of events is quite shocking to me. I don't like to think this way, so the robbery makes me even more uncomfortable than it might have otherwise.

From the description of the crime distributed by the Mt. Pleasant Police, these were not professional criminals; just idiots with a handgun in desperate need of immediate cash. If what they wanted was cash, why go doorbelling to get it? (They didn't get much.) If what they wanted was cash, why didn't they just rob a bank? Cashwise, on any given day I would be hardpressed to pay the pizza delivery boy, let alone satisfy the cravings of armed robbers. I gather that the unlucky person who was robbed was probably not much different.

Nonetheless, a gun can be at least as deadly in the hands of an idiot as in the hands of a professional criminal. I really don't like the idea of idiots with guns being able to find their way to my neighborhood.