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Trees Cause Forest Fires?

Fox News, totem animal of our fox-in-the-hen-house-administration, has an article about how trees are the cause of forest fires:

California Fires Reignite Forest Thinning Debate

While there is something to discuss in the actual wisdom of thinning forests, that wasn't what Bush's legislation was truly for. It is mostly for enriching logging companies.

Wild fires are a natural phenomenon and are part of the lifecycle of forests. Suburban sprawl, however, puts people and their houses in harm's way. I haven't been following the fires closely, since I live on the East coast and have a small daughter who can mess up the house faster than I can pick things up. But it seems likely to me that the growth of sprawl has fueled the flames as much as dried dead trees. Yet, as far as I know, there as been no outcry from Fox to limit sprawl in response to the wildfires.

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First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, ...

Will THIS be perceived as yet another threat to heterosexual marriage?

Male Pregnancy Becomes Possibility

The logistics of it all haven't been figured out, but something happened earlier this month that made the concept of male pregnancy a real possibility.

What happened?

When doctors in Montreal performed an emergency C-section on the baby's mom, they discovered the baby had been growing in her abdomen rather than her uterus.

Physiologically, there is a lot more to successful completion of a pregnancy than possession of a uterus. I don't think this medical fluke gets us even a little closer to male pregnancy. (If you want to go that direction, consider the sea horse.)

So why the spin? I'm all for futuristic speculation, but this is part of the political backwash from the Canadian gay marriage thing.

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