Vision in Perspective
Vision in Perspective

Near record warmth this afternoon...

It's 75 degrees out -- a glorious, golden fall afternoon. The temperature and humidlity feel to me ideal for human habitation. I've been outside pulling Elizabeth in the wagon, doing slow circles around the driveway. It is so peculiar to have the weather this nice out in November.

David is now on his way back from World Fantasy Con in Washington, DC. It was uncertain when he'd make it back, since our great American station wagon sprung a gas tank leak in the hotel parking garage. The gas tank has now been replaced, and he's on his way.

In today's mail I found our $800 check from the IRS bearing the words TAX RELIEF FOR AMERICA'S FAMILIES. Eight hundred is probably about what the leaky gas tank cost to fix. Easy come. Easy go. For five minutes, I can feel grateful to Bush for financing our car repair using the national debt. Then I can go back to thinking he's a bad president.