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You'll Never Guess What Happened

David's mother, Constance Hartwell, called last night and said, "You'll never guess what happened," and told David that her grandson Chris (David's nephew) had been the train and a woman had suddenly had a baby, plop! She declined all help, put the afterbirth in her purse when it passed, picked up the baby and got off the train.

Here's the Boston Globe story. (The Chris Chin quoted is David's nephew who shares a house with David's mother.)

Refusing help, woman gives birth aboard T

A 42-year-old Braintree woman gave birth to a baby boy while standing on an inbound Red Line train yesterday morning, refusing help from stunned passengers who heard her moan and seconds later looked down to find her baby on the floor.

Witnesses told police that Joyce M. Judge, a former nurse who later said she was on the way to a Boston hospital, kept quietly refusing help during and after the delivery.

'''Thanks for your concern, we're OK,''' she said, according to Chris Chin of Duxbury. Standing 4 feet away from Judge, Chin said, he saw her tie the umbilical cord in a knot and wrap the baby in a silk scarf. ''She cradled the baby in one arm and grabbed the handrail with the other and continued to ride the T and stare out the window.''