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Elizabeth Walks

Another Weird Backyard Plant

My brother John and his two boys are visiting. Peter, Elizabeth, and their two cousins were playing in the circle of stumps in our back yard when I spied something posetively Lovecraftian. There were what looked like pink tentacles coming up through the wood chips in the play area; small, calamari-sized tentacles. They seemed to hatch from egglike puffballs and had a horrible smell which attracted tiny flies. An intrusion of teaspoon-sized Elder Gods, perhaps?

While John photographed them with his marvelous digital camera (I hope to have digital photos to show later), I seached on Google to see what they might be. According to the website of the Boston Mycological Society, what we have appears to be a kind of stinkhorn called Stinky Squid (Pseudocolus fusiformis).