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A Dean/Clark Ticket?

The Washington Post rumors that Howard Dean is in talks with Wesley Clark:

What started as a point-by-point review of his economic and health care policies turned quickly into his dissertation on foreign affairs in Cuba, Saudi Arabia, North Korea and Iraq. Dean has been getting tutored on foreign policy by numerous experts, including retired Marine Gen. Joseph P. Hoar. He has also had several private conversations with retired Army Gen. Wesley Clark, the former NATO commander who some Democrats see as an attractive running mate for Dean if Clark does not join the race himself.

At the Rotary, Dean insisted he is tougher than Bush on national defense, even if he opposed the war in Iraq. He said he supported the Persian Gulf War, the attack on Afghanistan and, unlike Bush, wants to confront Saudi Arabia over its ties to terrorist groups. "Our oil money goes to the Saudis, where it is recycled and some of it is recycled to Hamas and two fundamentalist schools which teach small children to hate Americans, Christians and Jews," Dean said. "This president will not confront the Saudis."

Dean looks like an increasingly serious candidate. The Dean/Clark combination strikes me as particularly solid. Hope it happens.

Also, the Saudis really are an issue. They should have been publically confronted as each piece of information about Saudi involvement in 9/11 emerged. Instead, Bush suppressed it in favor of placating his favorite industry.

(Via The Likely Story.)