The Skunk
1968: They were having sexual adventures in roughly the same quarter of the forest, with the exception that Clinton was only sleeping with women

Report from Readercon

Readercon is in full swing. I was on a panel this morning (which I proposed) called "Does Your Baby Make You Smarter?" with Samuel R. Delany, James Morrow, Kit Reed, Alex Irvine, and Katya Reiman, which went very well. We're going out to dinner shortly with Rudy and Sylvia Rucker and Don Kingsbury. I'm back in the room for a few minutes before we go out. I may get time to write more later on this evening.

David gave a presentation on space opera this afternoon that went very well. (I had Elizabeth in tow, who wanted to talk back to daddy, so I was only there for the first few minutes.)