Censorship and the 9/11 report

Is the DLC campaigning for Bush, or what?

I follow a link that I expected to lead to a right-wing poll, and low and behold, the whacky folks at the Democratic Leadership Council are at it again. This isn't just a slap at Howard Dean. This is an attack on the entire Democratic party:

Poll Finds Democrats Lack Crucial Support to Beat Bush: Party Must Strongly Reposition Itself to Regain White Male Voters' Support, DLC Advised

PHILADELPHIA, July 28 -- Dramatic erosion in support among white men has left the Democrats in a highly vulnerable position and unless the party strongly reposition itself, President Bush will be virtually impossible to beat in 2004, according to a new poll commissioned for the centrist Democratic Leadership Council (DLC).

The gloomy prognosis came despite evidence in the poll and in the assessments of Democratic elected officials attending the DLC's "national conversation" here that the economy alone makes Bush vulnerable for reelection. But Mark J. Penn, who conducted the poll, said that the party's image has regressed since former president Bill Clinton left office and that those weaknesses put Democrats in a weakened position.

Is this just pouting from the Lieberman camp dressed up as political data? Nope. This is outright campaigning against the party with which the DLC claims affiliation. Also, it clearly seems to be an attempt to counter the news stories of Howard Dean's fundraising successes.

Where is the DLC's money coming from? Enquiring minds want to know. If the DLC quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck. It quacks like one of those industrial lobbying organizations that masquerades as a citizens group. Who is funding the DLC? Let's call for an investigation of the DLC's finances.