The only thing we know for certain is these are bad people.
Babies on the Beach

Home Again

Peter's question of the day: Do all the continents of the world float on the ocean?

I'm not sure I'm glad to be home. I think I'd rather still be in Maine. But we have a NYRSF work weekend. We're expecting Kevin Maroney shortly.

There's nothing like going to the beach with an infant to make you believe the aquatic ape theory of human origins. Elizabeth, foraging for seaweed and small edible creatures looked like she was born to do it. She did not seem to be eating the rock she put in her mouth, but I'm pretty sure she was eating sea weed, nutritious stuff that it is. (She seemed just to want to suck on the rocks, probably because they tasted salty.) I was, of course, following closely, prying rocks and the occasional snail out of her mouth. At first I tried to keep her from eating seaweed, but after the two hundredth time of saying don't eat that, I got worn down.

CONFUSION: A headline from CNN: U.S. kids living longer. Also, a sentence in this evenings weather report from explains Thunderstorm activity will be associated with cloud-to-ground lightning. (This last is gone now, but was up a half hour ago.)