Eating the Rose
The only thing we know for certain is these are bad people.

Blood in the Water

By way of explaining the current fuss, Timothy Noah argues in Slate that Washington holds its liars to a higher standard than the Bush administration is able to supply:

Is it wrong to lie? Reporters tend to shy away even from that moral judgment. But at least in Washington, reporters take a very dim view of incompetent lying.

Only the finest lies will do for the Washington Press Corps, apparently. Choosy reporters choose -- What?

I have to say that part of my political commentary burnout here is caused by the willingness to the press to continue to play along with the Bush administration's very public lies. Where are the reporters who swarmed all over Clinton's lies about his penis? Isn't this more important?

But now the blood is in the water. As a reporter, all you have to do now is ask Bush a question and he'll just make something up. Instant scoop! Developing story. Pictures at 11. Now we're getting somewhere.

And can we get Cheney to resign over asking for more forward-leaning intelligence?

The president's most trusted adviser, Mr Cheney, was at the shadow network's sharp end. He made several trips to the CIA in Langley, Virginia, to demand a more "forward-leaning" interpretation of the threat posed by Saddam. When he was not there to make his influence felt, his chief of staff, Lewis "Scooter" Libby, was. Such hands-on involvement in the processing of intelligence data was unprecedented for a vice-president in recent times, and it put pressure on CIA officials to come up with the appropriate results.

(From the Guardian.)

And what about these Republican Attorneys General who appear to have been selling protection to corporations in legal trouble with the states in exchange for GOP contributions? This is really interesting. What do you make of it, Mr. Ashcroft?

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