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Power Outage on the NYSRF Work Weekend

Those who have been on the NYRSF staff will recognize descriptions of work weekends that begin against all odds. We're having one of those.

A tree fell on the other side of the block about 3:30 yesterday afternoon, knocking out power, phone service, and cable service for the immediate area. The power came back on at about 8 PM. Our cable internet service is back today, but we still have no dialtone.

Anyone trying to reach David by email TODAY should also send to my email address (which is kec at panix dot com), since he reads his mail through a dialup connection to Compuserve. I will delete this portion of this post when it is fixed.

I will update this as necessary, assuming the cable connection stays up.

UPDATE: The Verizon guys tell us it will be at least midnight before our phone service is restored, possibly tomorrow. I'm going to try to get our regular phone service forwarded into my cell phone.