Yes, There Are Jerks in Both Parties
Vermillion Sands 2003

Outage Update

Our main phone numbers are now forwarded into my cell phone, so in principle, within the next hour we will have incoming phone service. Verizon says they may have our regular service restored by midnight or tomorrow.

To email David, send email to my account at kec [at] panix [dot] com. We cannot dial in to retrieve David's email at present.

DEPARTMENT OF NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED: When driving the kids to church this morning (I'm an atheist who goes to church, but that's another story), I encountered a large snapping turtle which had wandered into the road. I stopped the car, got I out, picked up the turtle carefully from behind by the sides of its shell and began to carry it back to the swamp where it belonged. Now, I have plenty of experience picking up frogs and I know that frog pee when frightened. I didn't know that turtles do this too. So I arrived at church with my pants quite soaked with turtle pee. Big turtles have big bladders. Luckily, turtle pee is very much like water.