Sharp Little Teeth
At Balticon

From New Castle, Delaware

I originally posted this entry in the comment section of the 5/22 entry because I couldn't seem to log into MT from the motel Internet connetion. I managed to get into comments though. In the interests of continuity, here it is.

We've stayed over in a motel near the airport in New Castle, Delaware. One new trend in motels I like is that some have computers with Internet access in the lobby. The browser on this one can't handle logging into my MT account, but I can get to the this comment field.

We got out of the house with a little more fuss than usual, but as I said, things are fine once we're on the road.

David read the Delaware guide book while I drove and found us a neat colonial restaurant to have dinner at: Jessop's Tavern and Colonial Resaurant in New Castle, DE. We giggled a bit at the guide book description: captures the atmosphere of the War of 1812. What? It's burned to the ground? But it did indeed have a pleasantly tranquil colonial atmosphere. The food was terrific, and the portions were vast. As we were walking toward the car, David remarked, "That was disgracefully inexpensive."

My favorite moment of mommy transcendence in the car was this. David was driving and we were headed down the Jersey Turnpike and the Richard Shindell song about the Jersey turnpike sucking all the foultempered commuters into Hell was playing on the car stereo. I was sitting between the two kids. Peter was whining in one ear that he wanted to eat the salmon in the coloer that's for our Balticon party, and Elizabeth was crying in my other ear. I didn't say anything. I just snapped my fingers in time to the music. Peter spent a few moments trying to snap his fingers, then fell asleep. Elizabeth stopped crying and watched my hand. Magic. Everyone calm by the time the song was over.

Time to wake up David and head on down the road!