Memorial Day Morning: Only Apparently Real?
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4,000 Year-Old Bodies Found Near Stonehenge

We're home again. The rain seems to have kept down Memorial Day weekend crowds, so we made good time. (David also did some canny navigating around potential traffic bottle-necks.)

Here's an interesting story I found on CNN (via

Six bodies unearthed near Stonehenge

LONDON (AP) -- Archaeologists who last year unearthed the remains of a Bronze Age archer at Stonehenge said this week that they have found six more bodies near the mysterious ring of ancient monoliths.

The remains of four adults and two children were found about half a mile from that of the archer, dubbed "The King of Stonehenge" by Britain's tabloid press. Archaeologists said he came from Switzerland and may have been involved in building the monument.

Radiocarbon tests will be done to find out more precise dates for the burials but the group is believed to have lived around 2300 B.C., during the building of Stonehenge at Amesbury, 75 miles southwest of London, said Wessex Archaeology, which excavated the site.