Escape to Spring!
Missing Party Report

Future Past & Our Progress

We were delayed leaving by a few hours because of a frozen pipe: the exit pipe on the laundry froze and so that one last load of wash cost us hours of clean-up because the sink adjacent to laundry machine backed up onto the basement floor.

Nonetheless, we managed to leave town and still arrived in Philadelphia in time to meet Michael Swanwick and Marianne Porter at the opening of the A. C. Radebaugh exhibit. David is quite charmed by it, because Radebaugh was the illustrator who drew many of the science-fictional technology ads of the '40s and '50s. [Radebaugh painted automobile ads from the 1930s to the 1960s filled with either "the car of the future" or the new model car against a background borrowed from SF illustration. He was in effect an unacknowledged master of SF illustration. --DGH]

After an early dinner with Michael and Marianne, we headed on down the road to Washington, DC, to my sister's house. This morning, we continue on toward the Blue Ridge Parkway.