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The Agonist Has the Taguba Report

The Taguba Report, regarding  abuse of prisoners at  Abu Ghraib Prison is up on The Agonist. (Names of some of the witnesses have been removed to protect their privacy.)

Here are the parts about CACI:

In general, US civilian contract personnel  (Titan Corporation, CACI, etc�c), third country nationals, and local contractors  do not appear to be properly supervised within the detention facility at Abu  Ghraib.� During our on-site inspection, they wandered about with too much  unsupervised free access in the detainee area.� Having civilians in various  outfits (civilian and DCUs) in and about the detainee area causes confusion and  may have contributed to the difficulties in the accountability process and with  detecting escapes.�� (ANNEX 51, Multiple Witness Statements, and the  Personal Observations of the Investigation Team) . . .

[RECOMMENDATIONS] 11. (U) That Mr. Steven Stephanowicz, Contract  US Civilian Interrogator, CACI, 205th Military Intelligence  Brigade, be given an Official Reprimand to be placed in his  employment file, termination of employment, and generation of a derogatory  report to revoke his security clearance for the following acts which have been  previously referred to in the aforementioned findings:

  • Made a false statement to the investigation team  regarding the locations of his interrogations, the activities during his  interrogations, and his knowledge of abuses.
  • Allowed and/or instructed MPs, who were not trained in  interrogation techniques, to facilitate interrogations by 'setting conditions�h  which were neither authorized and in accordance with applicable  regulations/policy.� He clearly knew his instructions equated to physical  abuse.��

12. (U) That Mr. John  Israel, Contract US Civilian Interpreter, CACI, 205th  Military Intelligence Brigade, be given an Official Reprimand to be  placed in his employment file and have his security clearance reviewed by  competent authority for the following acts or concerns which have been  previously referred to in the aforementioned findings:

  • Denied ever having seen interrogation processes in  violation of the IROE, which is contrary to several witness statements.
  • Did not have a security clearance.

13. (U) I find that there is sufficient credible  information to warrant an Inquiry UP Procedure 15, AR 381-10, US Army  Intelligence Activities, be conducted to determine the extent of culpability of  MI personnel, assigned to the 205th MI Brigade and the Joint Interrogation and  Debriefing Center (JIDC) at Abu Ghraib (BCCF).� Specifically, I suspect that  COL Thomas M. Pappas, LTC Steve L. Jordan, Mr. Steven Stephanowicz,  and Mr. John Israel were either directly or  indirectly responsible for the abuses at Abu Ghraib (BCCF) and strongly  recommend immediate disciplinary action as described in the preceding paragraphs  as well as the initiation of a Procedure 15 Inquiry to determine the full extent  of their culpability.

Elsewhere in the report, John Israel is identified as an employee of the Titan Corp., indicating that this is probably  the contractaor that CACI disavows.

ALSO, Whiskey Bar continues to have great coverage of the whole mess.

MEANWHILE, Forbes quotes from a CACI conference call:

Defense contractor CACI International Inc. said Wednesday that allegations of abuse of Iraqi prisoners by its employees has caused no immediate economic impact on the company.

During a morning conference call, Chief Executive Jack London said he has not seen any formal documentation from the U.S. government confirming allegations that CACI employees were involved in the mistreatment of Iraq prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison 20 miles west of Baghdad.

Someone needs to call Chief Executive Jack London back, now that the report is available on the Agonist and on MSNBC, to see if he's read it yet and ask what he thinks.

AND HERE'S MORE ON CACI, from a completely different angle: CACI WHO? Some Thoughts on Who Prevents Transparency, Misplaces $3.3 Trillion and Profits from Prison Abuse in Iraq.

UPDATE: NPR has the unexpurgated version.